Manual Testing

Manual Testing which includes Functional, Integration, System, Sanity, UAT testing for clients in various domain.

Automation Testing

Effective use of software tools to run detailed, repetitive, and data-intensive tests automatically.

Testing Consultants

Testing professionals with experience in technological and functional background.

Key Things

1.Decide what test cases to Automate.

2.Test early and test often.

3.Select the right automated testing tool.

4.Create good, quality test data.

Eliminate costly errors and Save TIME !

We manage it for you.

As a managed service provider we help to bridge the gap between the capacity of your testing department and the increasing demand for quality test cases, test plans and test results


  • Design Review
    Review the software requirements/design.
  • Test Environment Setup
    Setup the test environment (server/ client/ network, etc) with the goal of replicating the end-users’ environment.
  • Test planning
    When used right, test plans can play a key part in the software testing process. They present many benefits that are very different from those found in exploratory testing.

  • Test Execution
    execute your Test Cases/ Scripts in the Test Environment to see whether they pass.Defect Reports are produced.
  • Test Designing
    Test Cases / Test Scripts /Test Data Requirements are the deliverables.
  • Test Reporting
    Prepare various reports for various stakeholders.