Robotic Process Automation

Zanusys offers RPA-based solutions to existing clientele and new customers alike. We are known for our customer service and our detailed attention to project management, information technology, and other related services. However, with RPA software and programs at our disposal, we can take our services to the next level, helping our clients automate their business processes, become more agile, and free up their existing talent to pursue more creative work instead of repeating the same tasks over and over.

RPA is implemented by first running a diagnostic test across the company to see where the greatest potential for RPA success lies. This diagnostic phase is called a client automation review, and it’s a critical first step in determining the best way to execute RPA services within your organisation. By determining the specific functions within your company that would benefit from automation (and which should be avoided), steps can be taken to streamline the process and begin execution.

RPA software can learn how to process transactions, communicate with other systems, trigger necessary reactions and responses, and even manipulate data. Essentially, the software captures the repeated behaviours of various tasks and complete those tasks without the need for human oversight. However, the transition and implementation of robotic process automation does require a fair amount of cooperation from your current IT department and others on your team.

How our Client benefit

Efficiency and Productivity

Robots work with lightning fast speed and incredible efficiency. This increases productivity and also gain an advantage over competitors. RPA deliver excellent results on a consistent basis and once they have been programmed for a particular process they deliver higher-quality results without errors.

Cost Savings

Another benefit our customers will gain due to RPA is cost savings. The savings ranges from 40% to 70%. At the end of client automation review, we will be able to give an estimate of cost savings and return on investment.  ROI in robotic automation is about positive cash flow over the long term. Like any significant investment, we look at the service life of the robotic system and the duration of your automation project for an accurate picture.

Client Automation Review

The client automation review takes an inventory of your entire organisation so that the automation potential can be assessed across the board. Doing so helps to narrow down the areas where the most significant potential lies and those that should be avoided. These assessments are made across the board, in all departments, and across a broad range of corporate functions. This initial discovery phase can offer up a great deal of information while using minimal resources.  This is a complementary consulting service from Zanusys that helps you uncover valuable improvement opportunities.